Life Is Unpredictable- Irfan Khan’s Last Words

Irfan Khan, the Bollywood superstar wrote his last letter to the world in 2018 when his treatment started for Cancer Disease. He was suffering from cancer known as a Neuroendocrine tumor. Millions of people are sad and heartbroken after his death. But his death was not a Lost it was a Gain as his family wrote. They have learned many things about the reality of life as the video shows some famous dialogues of Khan:

Last Letter

His last words were:

Source: Youtube

Lessons Learnt

According to him, this life is unpredictable. You are living a busy life but do not realize that this life is going to end soon. One day you will not see all the things that you see daily in the morning and in the night. These rays of the sun, the beautiful flowers will be no more there. You have to go. leaving behind your family and friends.

You come alone and you will go alone. This is the reality. We do not know what is going to happen next in a few minutes or seconds.

Everything is uncertain.

So the need is to enjoy life to the fullest as it is going to be no more with us. And the saddest part is you don’t know when your turn is coming.

Enjoy little things, these little things will make you happy. Feel the rhythm in every situation. As we all have to do many tasks and have to perform multiple works in our busy lives. But the relations, the family time this is also passing. Your Parents your siblings and your life partner etc will not more available to you. Are u giving enough time to them? Are they happy with you? So this uncertain life itself is the greatest motivation to live and enjoy each and every second in this world.

As Qasim Ali Shah Says,

Source: Youtube 

So enjoy each and every moment of your life as it is not going to come again. Time is passing and you are moving closer and closer to your final destination which is Death.

Great Words Said by the Great Hero.

Life never brings what you want, everything is a new surprise to us. So always remain positive and move towards your goal with a positive attitude that if you work hard you will achieve your goal. But remember life will offer you different chances, options, and opportunities to deviate from your path or to move in another direction. Struggle hard to achieve your goal before your last station comes.

Strong Independent Women-The most Disliked creature

Life teaches us that we never plan or make commitments to anyone. Don’t fix things. They will be in their place don’t take the tension of these things to focus on your health and just move forward. This motivational man is the greatest motivation for all of us.

Source: Youtube 

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