Strong Independent Women-The most Disliked creature

We are living in Pakistan. Our society is the most conservative of all societies. The problems are at a higher level when you are living with a family here. Log kia kahein gain… What people will say is a matter of concern for all. Most girls here are not allowed to live their life fully.

Family Restrictions

They have to face many restrictions from their family and after their family, they have to face the problems of their in-laws. The husbands usually do not allow them to cherish the success of their hard work. As a parent, you give good schooling and nurturing to your girl but then what happens? She is not allowed to work in the offices. As people think they become bold and independent. The girl which is doing her work herself is considered the most disliked one.

Male Dominance

The perception is this woman does not need a man to support her that’s why she is not good in character. This is the problem of a male dominating society. Lucky are the girls who get the chance to have a supportive husband. They support them in each and every decision but these types of males are getting extinct from our society. Man and woman should be like two wheels of a vehicle but this is not the case.

Women Empire

When women are allowed to live freely they can show their skill and can conquer the world. She can build an empire for you. You just have to trust her. But the men of our society destroy them in the name of their Gerrat/honor. Meri Gerat nh gawara kerti k tm kamao…. Tmne dubta utar deya tm behaya hogae….. The typical third-class mentality of the men of our society needs a change. But who will stand for the ladies…? The strong independent woman who can earn for her family is not a Gaali for you!! Strong independent women are the real heroes of society.

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