Most common wrong and funny pronunciation

Most people pronounce it wrongly. Sometimes the reason is the native language due to which the accent may differ from the actual pronunciation. Now we are going to correct our pronunciation. Here are some funny examples from people in their daily routines on social media. For more latest stories stay tuned to Chaska Club.

Top 10 TikTokers in Pakistan 2022

 TikTok is the most popular mobile application in Pakistan this year, with a million users from Pakistan viewing it. TikTok is an amazing and entertaining app. There are a lot of people rising on TikTok in Pakistan. According to a survey estimated that 100 million-plus TikTok users in the world, but only a few faces […]

Alishbah Anjum- Age, Height, Mobile No. Sister-Brother, Boyfriend, And Family

Alishbah Anjum  Tiktok Star Biography Alishbah Anjum is a most papular tiktoker, model, and actress. Alishbah Anjum is known for her elegant looks and gorgeous smile. She has 13.8M followers due to her stylish personality. @alishbahanjum##foryoupage ##alishbahanjum♬ original sound – jutt_official_naila Title Description Full Name: Alishbah Anjum Famous As : Lishay Gender Female Nationality: Pakistani […]

Dolly Fashion- @dollyofficiall


Dolly Fashion- Age, Height, Mobile No. Sister-Brother, Boyfriend, And Family Nousheen Syed is a famous Tik Toker. She is a fashion designer and cosmetic artist who uses Tik Tok videos to show her many skills. Nousheen Syed has 11.3 Million followers on TikTok Source: Youtube-Jo bheji thi dua Song 2018 latest Title Description Full Name: […]

Rabeeca Khan-rabeecak Tik Tok Star

Rabeeca Khan famous as TikTok also Actress, Model & Social Media Influencer. Rabeeca Khan was born in Karachi, in 2003. Her real name is Rabeeca Khan. She is the daughter of the famous Actor and Comedian Kasif Khan. She started Her career as an Actress on the “Game Show Aisay Chalega” television program. Title Description […]

Samosiiii Tiktok Star

samosiiii Tiktok Star-chaskaclub

Samosiiii Tiktok Star Biography Samosii is a famous TikTok, model, and young makeup artist. Her real name is Human. She is 22 years old. She is having 253k followers with 532 posts on Instagram. Her hobby is doing makeup. She is having 2 or 3 sisters. Samosii Born and Profession She was born on 8 […]

Romaisa.khan._@tiktok)-Tik Tok Star

Romaisa.khan._@tiktok)-Tik Tok Star-chaskaclub

Romaisa. khan._ Age, Height, Mobile No, Sister-Brother, Boyfriend, And Family Romaisa Khan is a most famous Pakistani Model, Tik Toker, actress, and YouTuber. Her TikTok Followers 4.3M. She has a lot of fan following on her Instagram and Tik Tok. Now in 2020, she started her acting career in the drama serial “Masters”. She is […]

Eman (emomanna@tiktok)-Tik Tok Star

Eman (emomanna@tiktok)-Tik Tok Star-chaskaclub

Emaan- Age, Height, Mobile No, Sister-Brother, Boyfriend, And Family Eman, the tik toker famous for her cute smile with chubby cheeks. She has 1.3 Million followers and 9.2 Million likes. She makes videos with different themes, Pathani Theme or Kala Jora Theme. She looks completely stunning in each and every get-up. Title Description Full Name: […]

Phoolllu-Phoollu ki vines-Tiktok Star

Phoolllu-Phoollu ki vines-Tiktok Star-chaskaclub

Phoolllu-Phoollu ki vines-Tiktok Star- Age, Height, Mobile No. Sister-Brother and Family Phoolllu (Phoolllu) TikTok, Phoolllu has 4.1 Million Followers and 129.9MLikes on Tik Tok. Phollu is famous for his funny and choreographed videos on TikTok. Phollu’s fans love his awesome and unique acting in the video & they admire his talent. His Tiktok account is called “Phoolllu-Phoollu […]

Reejajeelani-Reeja Jeelani(@reejajeelani) Official | TikTok

Reejajeelani-Reeja Jeelani-tiktok-star-chaskaclub

Reeja Jeelani Reeja Jeelani: 556.2K followers and 5.1M Like till today on Tik Tok, Tik Tok ID is “Reeja Jeelani(@reejajeelani) Official | TikTok”. Reeja Jeelani is popular on Tik Tok. She is Popular with her makeup skills & actions on TikTok. Jeelani’s videos are most famous in songs & dramatic dialogues. She is also famous […]

Umer (@umereee) | TikTok

umereee tiktoker-chaskaclub

Umer Fayyaz Butt- Age, Height, Mobile No. Sister-Brother, Girlfriend, And Family Umer (@umereee) | TikTok, Umer Fayyaz Butt has 1.9 Million Followers on Tik Tok. He is famous for his cute and funny videos. Most of the videos are with his brother Ali Fayyaz Butt and Tik Toker Mustafa. His complete detail regarding Tik Tok […]

Kanwal Aftab-@Kanwal-135

Kanwal- Age, Height, Mobile No. Sister-Brother, Boyfriend, And Family Kanwal Aftab has 4.0 Million Followers on Tik Tok. She is a famous Tik Toker that is famous for her cute expressions and body language. Her complete detail regarding Tik Tok is given below, you can search Kanwal on Tik Tok as Kanwal Aftab-@Kanwal-135 Title Description […]

Sehar Hayyat-@sehar_hayyat

Sehar Hayyat- Age, Height, Mobile No. Sister-Brother & Family Sehar Hayyat is a famous Tik Toker with 4.0 million followers. She has a beautiful face and a Beautiful smile that captures the heart. Her struggle is clearly visible in her performances and acting skills. She makes videos on each and every topic. She makes videos […]