Spaghetti Recipe- Home made spaghetti-video

Ingredients/Recipe Following the method to prepare the Spaghettis. Chicken boneless-  Half KG Capsicum-  02 Carrots-  02 Cabbage-  Half Soya Sauce-  2Ts. Vinegar-  1Ts. Black paper-  1Ts. Chicken powder-  1Ts. Red Chili-  1Ts. Mustered Paste-  2Ts. Ketchup-  As per Taste Cooking-  As per Use Ginger Powder-  1Ts. Garlic Powder-  1Ts. Salt-  1Ts. Preparation First of all […]

Pakistani Beef Korma

pakistani beef korma-chaskaclub

Following the method to prepare the Pakistani Beef Korma and how to serve it. Ingredients/Recipe 1. Cumin seed 1 tbsp 2. Blanched almond ¼ cup 3. Coir seeds 4 tbsp 4. Rosewater 1 tbsp (heavy) 5. Cayenne Pepper 1-2 tsp 6. Cup Cream ¼ 7. Fresh yogurt 1 cup (sweet) 8. Boneless beef 1 kg […]

Chicken White Karahi

chicken white krahi-chaskaclub

Chicken White Karahi Recipe Following is the way to prepare the yummy Chicken white karahi. Desi people are very much fond of desi foods and karahis and one of the yummiest ones is the white karahi which is prepared by adding cream the proper way as explained below. Ingredients Chicken 550g Green Chili 1 tbsp […]

Shami Kabab

shami kabab-chaskaclub

Shami Kabab Recipe Ingredients 1. Cooking oil (as needed for frying) 2. Green coriander 10 mg 3. Green chili 4-5 4. eggs 2 5. Water 3 cup 6. Cinnamon powder 1 tsp 7. Whole black pepper 1 tbsp 8. Whole cumin 1 tbsp 9. Coriander powder 1 tbsp 10. Cardamom 2 black 11. Cloves 5 […]

Chappli Kabab

Chappli Kabab-chaskaclub

Chapple Kabab Recipe Desi Chapple Kabab is prepared by the following method. They are liked by each and every age group whether children or old ones. Also, they are the best items to serve your guests. Ingredients of Chapple Kabab 1. Beef mince 1 kg 2. Oil as required 3. Cumin chopped 1 tbsp 4. […]