First-time pregnancy- Tips for Healthy and happy pregnancy

First-time pregnancy is a very hard task, and also a very vital stage for the mom and baby’s health. The following steps can improve your health in first-time pregnancy. Corona Virus And Pregnancy Eat a healthy, balanced diet Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for both you and your baby during pregnancy. You will need […]

Tips for improve you mental health

Nowadays there are a lot of issues in our life defiantly that can affect our mental health. We take many steps for care of physical health, like eating healthy foods, taking care of our diet, and also workout. Even when it comes to caring for mental health, the approaches are not as obviously well-defined. This […]

Eating almonds for breakfast makes you live long life

Live long life- Eating almonds for breakfast makes you live long life-chaskaclub

Live long life- Eating almonds for breakfast According to scientists, now you have the opportunity to live a long and healthy life, which will probably be free from basic diseases in such a way that you do not have to struggle much for it. Modern Research According to modern research, eating almonds for breakfast every […]

Boot Your Energy- 5 Best foods for your health

Boot Your Energy- 5 Best foods for your health-chaskaclub

It’s not hidden that humans are a tired bunch. But trying to pinpoint the explanation for fatigue is nearly impossible. That’s because there are a lot of causes. Reasons can range from lack of sleep to medication side effects and not enough exercise. Oftentimes, the basic problem has got to be addressed on a deeper […]

Chewing Gum Good or Bad for You?

Chewing Gum Good or Bad for You-chaskaclub

Is Chewing Good for you? Or it has bad effects on your health. Many studies prove that it is a good thing for many reasons. There are many reasons and we will discuss each of them one by one. Sugarless gum is very good for your health as: Improves Your Focus And Memory Chewing gum […]

Physical Fitness-A Goal

Physical Fitness-A Goal-chaskaclub

Physical fitness! What exactly is physical fitness??? Are u healthy or do you seem to be healthy? Your body is the only thing you own and will be owning for the rest of your life. How do you handle this body? Are u taking good care of yourself? Having a healthy body with a smart […]

Corona Virus And Pregnancy

Corona Virus And Pregnancy-chaskaclub

Coronavirus and pregnancy, how this virus affects the health of a pregnant woman. Pregnant women were placed in a risky group by a Chief Medical officer on 16th March. And they were advised to reduce social contact and quarantine themselves in their homes. As pregnancy causes many changes in your body and how the body […]

Surprising Benefits of Romance on Health

surprising benefits of romance on health-chaskaclub

What are the benefits of romance on health? Romantic Relationships are the five-star tickets to Good health. Love is not just an ordinary thing many chemical processes take place in our brain that controls our feelings. Hormones like Oxytocin and Dopamine are produced in larger quantities during these processes. Which will make you feel rewarded […]

Top Health Tips

health tips-chaskaclub

The environment in which a person lives is very important in terms of health status and quality of life. Also, health is maintained and improves not only through the advancement and application of health sciences but also through the efforts and ethical choices of wise people and society. Here are some basic tips for maintaining […]

Harmful Foods for your kidneys

We are going to discuss harmful foods for the kidneys. Kidneys are the most essential part of the human body. 1. The basic function of the kidney is to filter harmful or waste products and move them out of the body. 2. They also produce hormones that make red blood cells and overall body fluid […]

Beauty Secrets

Home Beauty Secrets-chaskaclub

Home Beauty Secrets As it is said that beauty lies within the brain of the human being but it is not the case. If you are not groomed and well-dressed your brain will be of no use. As everyone knows that the title page or the cover of the book is more important and it […]