KFC VS McDonald’s

The International Food chain KFC and McDonald’s: both are American fast-food restaurant chains. KFC and McDonald’s are everybody’s much-favored fast-food restaurants. When I like fried chicken KFC is ever available for this. If you like a burger than, McDonald’s first option that comes to everybody’s mind. International KFC and McDonald’s are top rivals of each […]

Coke Vs Pepsi-Competition War

Coke Vs Pepsi-Competition War-chaskaclub

Comparison between Coke and Pepsi When we feel thirsty, we look around to commit our thirst, in the whole world, we’ve dozens of choices when it involves soft drinks, although the 2 most generally known are Coke and Pepsi. Many are often stuck between choosing Coke or Pepsi, albeit they’re slightly different in appearance, taste, […]

Limelight Vs Khaadi


Here we will discuss a brief comparison between Limelight and Khaadi brands. Limelight The word Limelight means to be in the center of attention. Or in the spotlight. To be in limelight means to be continuously in highlights and talked about. This brand was launched in 2010 and it has 65 outlets across Pakistan. Owner […]