Mabali Island-Khanpur Dam

Mabali Island is located in Old Khanpur Road, Khanpur Dam, and District: Haripur, KPK. 50 Km away from Islamabad city, near Khanpur Dam. Mabali Resort & Adventure place offers you an escape from routine massive life, This place is a dream holiday point with a lot of adventure activities, and I think this place is […]

Top 7 Best Hiking Trails In The Country Pakistan


Pakistan is blessed with the best landscapes in the world. There are lush green valleys, rivers, snow-covered mountains, and lakes. Mother nature is very kind in this country. As the security situations are getting better and better and infrastructure is improving a lot, this country is becoming the best tourist place in the world. As […]

Traveling – A New Life


Travelling can change your life in a few days. If you enjoy new adventures and want to explore the beauty of nature, you should travel often. It has the capacity to change your perspective and the way through which you see different things. It has a great effect on your mind and your thinking way. […]

The Best Honeymoon Places in Pakistan


After two people get married everybody starts to think about their honeymoon. They start to search which could be the best place where they could spend some beautiful moments with their life partner. Furthermore, this time could be the golden period of their life. Some people can easily afford foreign trips and those who can […]

Siri And Paye Meadows-Shogran-KPK

Google Map Siri and Paye meadows are basically beautiful mountains that have a beautiful lake called The Paye Lake. This name is funny as in Urdu siri and paye means head and feet. This is the name of a famous Asian dish that is liked by almost all of us. But why these hills are […]


Shogran-KPK is a lush green hill station that is situated at a height of 7749 feet above sea level. The distance from Balakot is 34 KM. This hill station is famous for its GREEN WORLD. You will see greenery and peaceful lawns everywhere. Google Map Traveling to Shogran You will move from Islamabad then to […]

Kaghan Valley-KPK

Google Map Kaghan Valley is the biggest attraction for tourists from all over Pakistan. It covers an area of 155 KM. It is situated at a height of 2134 feet and its highest point is BABUSAR TOP (13690 feet). River Kunhar follows this valley. This valley has many beautiful landscapes that attract tourists the most. […]

Trip To Naran-KPK

Naran-KPK is basically a small town that is located in KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA. It is 119 KM from the MANSEHRA City. This tourist location is also popular internationally. It is 65 KM away from BABUSAR TOP. A million tourists explore this valley every year. This is the way towards the GILGIT HUNZA. And in summers BABUSAR […]

Damn e Koh-Islamabad

Damn e Koh-Islamabad is a beautiful place of Islamabad. Also, Islamabad is a city that is known as calm, peaceful, and the greenest city of Pakistan. In addition to this beautiful and clean roads add to its beauty making Islamabad the most attractive city of all time. Furthermore, Shah Faisal Mosque which can accommodate 100,000 […]