Divorce Rate After Corona Virus

Across the world, people and their relations are changing due to this pandemic. Every relationship is going through a new stage that has never passed before. Many weddings have been postponed and the divorce rate increasing day by day in China, Pakistan, Turkey, and many other countries. Now meeting your partner or going to hang out with people is becoming a matter of life and death. So we will be discussing some facts about the increased rate of divorce after the coronavirus. The source of entertainment nowadays is the Internet, pets, beauty tips, and cooking classes.


Most of the quarantine couples in China are facing divorces on a daily basis.

Dazhou a city received 100 cases of divorce in just two weeks as reported by the official that handles the divorce fillings.

An Istanbul woman is having a divorce this week with her husband as she is facing severe depression due to the lockdown.

The same situation is happening in the city of Xian in China. According to the officials, the number has increased to the extent that they do not have the time to drink water. A Shanghai divorce lawyer says that in the middle of March when there was some ease in the lockdown, a 25% increase in the ratio of divorces was seen. As more and more people are engaged in extramarital affairs on phones and the internet.

Main Reasons For Increase in Divorce Rate After Coronavirus

Financial Problems

Pakistan and other third-world countries are facing many financial issues on an individual basis. People who are locked down in their homes have nothing to eat if they are poor or below the poverty line. This has increased the divorce ratio.

Mental health

The mental health of the individuals is in a bad state during this quarantine season. So the husband and wife are continuously in a state of bullying and abusing each other. Many couples had never spent that much time with each other and I realized now that I was living with the wrong person for many years.

Women as a wife

A woman behaves in an unpredictable manner as a wife, she finds him home and used to complain about everything that is going on, and blames him for all the wrong happenings.


Cheating your partner is another reason. As there is free time to search and browse on the internet people have started to make extramarital affairs more and more.

According to them the women or the men living with them are just a headache and a source of depression.

No Hangouts

As hangouts and parties with friends are not possible people are just thinking about how bad their family members are and they just want to escape from this situation.


The solution or you can say the suggestion from our side is to take quarantine not a depressive period. You should have the self-realization that it is a different period of your life.

Try to do more and more productive activities.

Plan your day with your partner.

Try not to hate each other. Focus more that this time will also pass and you will live your normal life again very soon.

But still, this is an alarming situation that going on in this world.

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