Dubai And The Smart Helmets

Dubai police and the Department of Transportation are currently using a unique type of smart helmet. These helmets are like Robo Coupe, shown in different movies, and can detect the coronavirus patient immediately.


Moreover, these helmets are invented by the Chinese and the company name is Qing Chi Technology, and many areas of Shanghai and Shenzhen are using these helmets.

Furthermore, the company says that these helmets have Bluetooth, WiFi, and 5G connectivity.

In addition to this, the UAE Government is struggling a lot with the awareness of this pandemic by inventing different phone apps, drive-through tests for Covid-19, and making everything available online for the people.

Also, this invention is another tool to fight against the coronavirus.

This helmet has two major technologies in it.

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1) The infra-red camera

2) Artificial intelligence technology.

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How It Works

This helmet measures the temperature of the public with high accuracy and the artificial intelligence technology is for car number reading and the recognition of the face.

This helmet works more ghastly than a thermometer and can scan 100 people in a minute. It can measure temperature from a distance of 16 feet (5 meters). Any person having a fever or any other symptoms will be detected automatically.

A Chinese company named KC WEARABLE says that 1000 helmets are sold in many countries. If the person is suffering from a high fever they will take him/her to the hospital.

The thermal cameras in the helmet work so efficiently that the Police are also using this helmet. They say that the person suffering from the corona is detected within a few seconds. So China has taken the technology level to another extent in this case also.

As fever is the most common symptom of this virus but from the last few days, the experts are warning that fever in many cases is not showing on an initial basis. So this equipment is not as authentic to scanning the coronavirus in people.

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