The University Of Lahore UOL Couple

Where society is going?
Moreover, the third-class mentality of our society is prevailing everywhere.

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This is wrong to purpose to a boy for a halal marriage.
And what is our young generation doing is considered right?

Marriage is wrong flirting is right…..

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The couple got viral when a girl purposed to him on the university premises they both got expelled from the university. As they refused to apologize. And the crowd was there to cheer them up.

Moreover, they were hugging and kissed in front of everyone. Quite similar scenes in which Yasir Hussain purposed to Iqra Aziz the female drama star.

The meeting was held where they had to appear but they both did not appear so the university decided to stick them off. Now they are not allowed to enter any campus of the university. This was the step taken by the administration of the University of Lahore.

They violated the Code of Conduct of the university.

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Good or Bad

According to the university staff, this step is taken for other students.
This step is promoting behavior in the university.

People are divided on this issue. Some are saying this is the best decision but some are saying this is the worst thing any admin can do. Child Abuse and other illegal problems are not noticed but this thing is noticed just because of the reputation of the university. And their viral videos are being trolled all over the internet.

But is it right?

Our Opinion

According to our opinion, our youngsters must change their minds.

They should know the importance of Halal marriage and how to marry a girl with the involvement of the families.

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These steps can be taken as a positive initiative and the admin can change the perspective of the youth.


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