Discussing the biggest mistake of the Play Store nowadays, you will write Kutta and the TIK TOK app will be on the top of your search results.

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Write “KUTTA” IF You Want To Download Tik Tok

In this time period of lockdown, the screen time of people is increased. They are spending more and more time on their phones and laptops. TIK TOK is a Chinese video-sharing app that is the most popular app nowadays.

People make videos of a few seconds and then upload them on this app. But this is one side of the story. The war that was started between YOUTUBE and TIK TOK is another side of the story.

Where You Tubers and Tik Tokers were fighting on social media that they are the best and the other party is just a useless piece of shit.

That war is still going on.

Have a look at some videos you will get the idea about this WAR.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube
This War that was started by AMIR SIDDIQUE, caused a decline in the fame and popularity of this app TIK TOK.

Then this war comes to an end when a famous YouTuber CarryMinati uploaded a video in which he was roasting the Tik tokers. The tik tokers made such circumstances so that the video got deleted. But then different fans of that boy did bad ratings on Plays Store. As a result of which the overall rating of TIK TOK fell down to 1.6 which was 4.6.

That is the reason why people are getting TIK TOK when they are searching for a KUTTA word. Also, this could be a result of the activities done by the hackers so that people totally avoid this app.

Everyone is now demanding that there should be a boycott of this app. As it is promoting CRINGE content and is very much dangerous for the mental health of the YOUTH.

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