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Sale Is Important than HUMAN LIFE!!!!

Sale Is Important than HUMAN LIFE!!!!

As we people are fighting a WAR against CORONA. Up till now, NO vaccine has been discovered against this pandemic. Efforts are being made but still, there is no hope for the coming few months.

The only action that is going to protect us from this monster is Staying at our homes. And only going out for the emergency needs.

The government is taking the help of the media and social media to make people aware of these things. But how much they are successful?

The picture below shows a sale at a famous brand. They are serving their customers with full precautionary measures. They are doing their job very nicely. But what about these ladies?

Thousands of cases are reported in Pakistan and they are increasing day by day. But wait who cares?

Bae Sale lgii haiii………………… ! dobara nhe lgni………………….! Mar jaee gy per Sale miss nhe ker skty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hospitals are full and doctors are in terrible condition. At least we have to think about the OLD AGE persons in our homes. What are their mistakes? Why we are risking their lives?

Chloo mana baee bri IMMUNITY hai apke ander…………….. ! Corona apke pas se guzr jae ga…………. to un buzrgo ka kia qsorr !!!

If you are living a life in which you can not survive without having a dress on sale than make it possible through social media channels. Buy it Online Reham kery hum per ………………! Hmare buzorgo ki jaanu per….!

And they say we should not be afraid of this Coronavirus Monster we have to fight with it. This could only be done by staying at your home and not going out risking yours and the lives of others.

Afsoos ka makaaam ha……………. !

Image Source/Facebook
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