Mufti Abdul Qavi Viral Video

Mufti Abdul Qavi Viral Video, this video of a girl with Mufti is going viral nowadays.

TikTok is the most famous app. Everyone seems busy posting videos on this platform. But the number of cases are recorded in which this app is creating a problem for many viewers.

People are addicted to this app. It is the most time-killing app. This viral video is made in a shopping mall in which Mufti is standing with her. She is posing in the video. This video got famous on social media.

Qandeel Balooch Scandal

Mufti Qavi was also nominated in Qandeel Balooch’s Murder case. As she was in a video with him. And then she got famous which leads to her death.

And her brother killed her in the name of honor. Her family did not support her. Also, Qandeel’s Father nominated him (Mufti Qavi) in her’s daughter murder case.

Don’t know what is going to happen next.

Mufti Qavi denied it and said that it is just a fake video. He said he was not him. Also, it is just planning to destroy him.

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