Law of Attraction-Reality?

Law of Attraction, is this the reality or just a fake thing?

According to this law, what we think and what thoughts we send to the universe, these thoughts are responsible for our positive and negative experiences in our lives. That means if you are thinking positively then positive experiences will take place in your life.

And if you are just focused on negative emotions then negative situations and negativity will be there in your life experiences.

The Secret

The famous book was written by Rhonda Byrne.

In this book the Qanoon e kashish, The law of attraction is explained.

How you can implement this law to get the result you want.

Also in 2006, a documentary film was also released by her which caused a change in the overall thinking process of the world.

3 Steps

This process involves 3 steps.

1) Asking the universe that you want something in your life, avoiding what you do not want.

2) Believing that what you are wanting will be there for you, then you have to take action accordingly.

3) Feeling that you are finally receiving what you want.

And showing the universe that you are the best match for it. These are the 3 steps for the Law of Attraction. Many people believe that this actually happens. That is what you think happens

As we usually listen to this in our lives

Acha socho gay to acha hogaaa.

But some people say that this law is not scientifically proven.
So they do not believe in this.

Qasim Ali Shah describes this law as:
Source: Youtube

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