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Jannat Mirza Hates Pakistanis?

Jannat Mirza Hates Pakistanis?

Jannat Mirza the greatest sensation of the Tik Tok app. As she has 10 million followers on Tik Tok.
But this app which was giving a very cheap success and fame to these people was banned in Pakistan just because of the inappropriate videos and the vulgarity shown by the couples.
Many videos were reported which were not appropriate for all types of audiences.
So this decision was taken hardly, as it was seen that many couples that are not in a Halal relationship were going on hilly areas and were making videos together.
This culture of Haram relationships was promoting day by day in Pakistan.
Many reasons were there and all of them ended in one result.

No more Tik Tok in Pakistan.

Jannat Mirza, loved by almost every Pakistani. Beautiful and talented girl from Pakistan. Insta id:
Pakistanis were loving her and supporting her a lot.
But what she says about the mentality of the people of Pakistan is shocking.
She said that I am leaving this country for my benefit and my good.
Fans were shocked and always wanted to know what is the reason that she is moving abroad.
She was interacting with a fan and in a comment she said:
That she is extremely heartbroken over the sick mentality of the Pakistanis.
She said”
Q k Pakistan bohat acha or payara ha leikn Pakistan ky logo ki mentality achie nhe hai.
Which means_
Pakistan is beautiful but the people have a sick mentality.

Jannat Mirza-Leaving Pakistan for shocking reason

Many people are relating her to the sudden ban of this Chinese app.
Maybe she is right as the people of Pakistan are more focused and concerned about bold and inappropriate content.
They ignore informative content.
But when you show them extremely hot and sensational content. Followers increase day by day.
But a star should know where to control her words. She is answerable to her fans and her country.
The country which gave him a lot of success and fame how could she say something like that about that country or people.
Extremely shocking!!!
The 22-year-old Jannat is extremely unhappy with the people with whom she is living for the last 22 years.


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