When it comes to the consequences of having Tik Tok in Pakistan, things are more crucial. We live in a society where the bad things are adopted more speedily than the good things. This app is bad for the public for many reasons. Children are most commonly affected because of this app. This is inappropriate for their minds as it does not have any filter for them. They can watch each and every cringe content on it.
And there are no restrictions on it. They are more focused on Tik Tok than their studies. Youth is also busy making videos at each and every shopping mall, parks, and other public places. They just do not bother that they belong to a Muslim community and these types of relations are Haram. Holding hands and doing that type of lame action make their families offended. Many issues are created in the families just because of this app. People try to make videos on the seaside and other hilly areas. Many accidents are reported and many die every month just because of the Tik Tok craze.
This action must be taken before. But it’s not too late. This is a good decision. Already our Children and Youth are spoiled enough. People make vulgar videos with vulgar dressing and try to promote their cringe content on each and every media platform. As Bol Tv channel has also started a show on Tik Tok.
So this was the wise decision.

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