Bigg Boss Star- The Indian big actress accepted Islam

According to different sources, the famous Indian celebrity Rakhi Sawant accepted Islam. After Rakhi Sawant confirmed the news of her marriage to her Muslim boyfriend Adil Khan, the video of both of them also getting married.

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The video of Adil Khan and Rakhi Sawant’s marriage is going viral on various social media pages.
In videos, Rakhi Sawant can be seen reciting the word at the time of marriage. Nikah Khawan performed the marriage of Adil Khan Durrani and Rakhi Sawant. with 81 thousand 786 right of dowry.


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Rakhi Sawant changed her name to Fatima Rakhi Sawant Bintay Anand Sawant at the time of marriage. The actress also shared the news published by the Indian media about the name change on her Instagram story. This means that the actress herself. Has confirmed this news because if this news was baseless then she would have denied it while sharing this news. Also, on the marriage certificate which has gone viral on social media, the date of marriage is mentioned as July 2022, which means it is said that the marriage took place last year, but the formal announcement of the marriage was made this year.

Rakhi Sawant was earlier married to s Ritesh Singh and the two appeared in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15 reality show. Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant said marry with Ritesh Singh “mistake”.

Rakhi Sawant’s fans took to the comments of a post shared on social media and wrote, “Secret is not secret anymore.” Also, comment “Finally Rakhi’s dream came true and Adil and Rakhi became soulmates… congratulations and God bless them both.”

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