Limelight Vs Khaadi

Here we will discuss a brief comparison between Limelight and Khaadi brands.


The word Limelight means to be in the center of attention. Or in the spotlight. To be in limelight means to be continuously in highlights and talked about.

This brand was launched in 2010 and it has 65 outlets across Pakistan.


The owner of this brand is Samreen Tariq.

It is a brand that is famous for its vast variety of stitched and unstitched clothes. Pret and Western Wear is also available. They have a kids’ variety, Men’s Western Wear, and jewelry accessories also.

You can shop online or can visit your nearest limelight store. Talking about the variety and designs, they have the funkiest colors. Cloths with gold designs.

Clothes with royal looks are also available.

You can get formal and informal types of dresses there. This brand never disappoints you. You can always have something to wear from this.

Their winter collection is best compared to many other brands. A new variety is available after every week. Local and international customers both can get something best for them to wear.


Talking about the price. This brand gives you the best at the most reasonable prices. As their single shirt starts from 1150 Rs just.

You can have a shawl or sweater within the range of 2500 just. This brand is affordable for the middle class also. You can have a great Sale on their products after a few days regularly.

Their prints are reasonable and look good to wear.


This brand was founded in 1998 and now has 52 stores all over Pakistan. It also has 22 stores in the UK.


Khaadi was founded by Shamoon Sultan.

They are serving in various countries such as Europe, Australia, America, Northern America, and the Middle East. Talking about the variety they have stitched, unstitched clothes, and other accessories.

Their stitched variety is better as compared to the unstitched.


The prices are reasonable. Their single shirt starts from 2000 and then goes up to 10,000.

This brand is also affordable for the middle class. Summer and Winter both collections are for different target customers.

Comparison Limelight Vs Khaadi

When we compare these two brands. Then Khaadi has dull and light colors in their unstitched variety but limelight has dark and bright shocking colors in their variety. The stitched variety of limelight is much better than Khaadi. The quality and neatness in the stitching style of a dress are much better in limelight clothes.

Talking about other accessories you can have simple jewelry at a certain price but when you go to the limelight you can have the best thing at that same price.

If you are a simple person and you just want simple and decent clothes you can visit Khaadi. But if you want colors and funky types of dresses you can visit the limelight. Both brands are offering you their varieties at reasonable prices. Their target market is the middle class and upper class. Best of luck to both brands.

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