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Fake News And Problems


Trust in any of the parties is extremely low nowadays. The information disorder is a problem of all time. We are at the edge of information war.

Social media is a great source of information but the probability of fake news spreading all over is extremely high. Usually, the news doesn’t have any authenticity.

The more sensational news you spread the more it will emerge. People are more concerned with something that is hot and creates sensation.

People are usually free for and they create their own data freely in those mediums. As they see these types of rubbish things get more fame they produce these types of data. That’s why more and more fake news is emerging.

Private and Semi-Private social mediums such as Whatsapp and Facebook are the top mediums for fake news. As content regulation is extremely low in these mediums.


Censorship creates more and more problems. As people believe that there is something hidden in these things. They want to know the fact. So they automatically gravitate towards the fake news. In the urge of knowing the truth.


As in the case of Coronavirus. The fake news is common of an increased number of cases. Misinformation is more dangerous.

The media is also blamed sometimes for this, that they spread just rumors and false news. Our struggle is hard as this is the problem of the entire information ecosystem.

Three Main Problems Related to Fake News

We can understand this phenomenon by these three steps

1) The type of content created and then distributed

2) How the institutions are getting motivation for the spread of this information?

3) What methods are being used?

The creators of fake news know that people just want to hear something on that topic. They are waiting just to get any update on this. So they use this thing as a tool. Even if they are not convinced they just get confused on this.

In Pakistan there is no tool that can lead to control of Fake News and no law is there for this purpose. Just if the fake news harms anyone he or she can move to the court. So you have to be a better and intelligent consumer of the information. Media channels should sit collectively and then decide how to debunk fake news.

All should coordinate on this.

The government should introduce the trainings for this purpose. It will be best for all of us. First of all, know the authenticity of the news and then believe in it.

Not everything available on the Internet is true.

Some are just for those that enjoy the fake news world.

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