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You can learn in the section about USB, COM/Serial Port, HDMI-High Definition Multimedia Interface Port, VGA-Video Graphic Array, LAN-Local Area Network, LCD-Liquid Crystal Display, LED-Liquid emitting Diode, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, RAM-random access memory, Hard Drive, DVD-Digital Versatile Disk and about ROM-Read Only Memory. Further updates regarding whole computer learning will be updated soon.

What is a USB-Universal Serial Bus

USB is a type of computer port that can be used to connect equipment to a computer.

Plugs into CPU for use USB hub, charger, printer, scanner. Designed to plug into every device. Plugs into digital camera Hub. Plugs into smartphones, and tablets.

What is COM Port

Serial communication port.

HDMI-High Definition Multimedia Interface

A digital interface for audio & video that provides a single-cable solution.

LAN Port-Local Area Network

The computer as a client machine, Server, and network devices on the local network are cable together at their LAN Port.

VGA-Video Graphic Array

VGA is a standard monitor or display interface used for PCs.

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display

Which uses a liquid crystal that becomes visible when electricity is passed through it.

LED-Light Emitting Diode

LED is an electric device that emits light when an electrical current is passed through it. Early LEDs produce only red light, but the latest LEDs can produce several different colors including red, green & blue light.

Network Switch

A network Switch is also called a hub, bridging hub & more correctly called a network switch.


The mouse is a handheld hardware input device that controls a cursor in a GUI (Graphical User Interface) & we can move & select text, icons, files & folders on your PC.


It is an input device, just like an electric typewriter. The keyboard is a bunch of buttons that create letters, numbers, & symbols.


The printer is an output device that prints paper documents images or a combination of both. The 2 most common types of printers are Inkjet and laser printers.


Also, an electronic device can capture images from physical documents & convert them into soft formats, which can be saved on a computer.

RAM-Random Access Memory

RAM is one of the most important units in all devices, from computers to smart cell phones, and game panels.

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It is the main storage media of the computer. The hard drive is where your computer stores data for a long time, not just the things you save.


A digital versatile disc (DVD) is an optical disc storage media similar to a Hard Drive.

ROM-Read Only Memory

ROM is a storage media that permanently stores data on personal computers. This contains the programming needed to start a Computer, which is important for boot-up.

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