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The Monal Islamabad

As it said there should be six months of vacations twice a year so The Monal Islamabad is the place where you can have lunch every day. The following lines will provide the reasons why is it so.

Do you want to have a good taste of food, are u a food lover? In other words, do you want to try the best desi handi? Or the Green handi makes u hungry? In addition, do you love to have yummy food with surrounding that are the most eye-catching?
The Monal Islamabad gives u each and every reason to plan your trip there.

You can enjoy your birthdays there and can have a pleasant meeting with your friends and families. Moreover, the breathtaking view of the mountains and the dawn moments makes you thankful to Allah Almighty. In addition to this Monal is serving as pride for Pakistanis as they have the best Pakistani cuisine that is rich and is showing Pakistani culture and legacy. Furthermore driving towards the Monal is the experience that the heart cherishes. Moreover, the beautiful building Monal is designed in a luxuriously sophisticated way. In addition to this, they have 7 terraces i.e A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J. They provide a beautiful view of Saidpur. Moreover, these terraces are divided into two categories one is for families and the other is for couples and the ones who are searching for solitude. In addition to this, they are providing you with live music every evening also GHAZAL nights add to the pleasure.

The Monal Official Website: The Monal

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