Baranh-Exotic Cuisine of Old Lahore

Baranh-Exotic Cuisine of Old Lahore@12baranh

Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Google Map

Baranh is a place for Desi Food lovers. Beautiful place with indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Located at Qaddafi Stadium near Dera. This place has a magical atmosphere at night, especially during winter nights. The outdoor seating arrangements with dim lights, fog, and the famous Lahori Pan will take you to another world of relaxation. They also started Qawali Night last December 2019.

The owner of the restaurant is more concerned with providing you with the best environment to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

They serve you many complimentary items whenever you step into their place depending upon the time and weather. Also, they serve you Gol-Gappy (A Famous Lahori Food Item) complimentary. And if you are their first customer they will serve you tea free of cost.

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Moreover, talking about their menu, you will see enough variety in their menu because they are more focused on the food of old Lahori. And as we all know the people of Lahore love Desi food.

You will get BAR B Q, KARAHI, SIJJI, BREAKFAST, and other Desi food items on their menu. Their most famous item is TAWA CHICKEN. This item is liked by almost each and every customer that goes there. They also serve SPECIAL KAHWA after the food. TANDOORI CHAII is also available.


In addition to this, the staff is friendly and cooperative. They also have a special area for smokers, the smoking zone. This area is separated from the area which is reserved for families only. For more details about Sehri and Aftari and their prices, you can visit their Facebook page. And if you want to spend your winter nights with food that reminds you of the taste of old Lahore, Baranh is the best option.

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