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Pizza Online Lahore

Address: Hakim Chowk, PIA Road

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Pizza online is the place where you can go with your family and friends and have a splendid time there.

This place is famous for its Pizzas and the taste of its food.
You can choose the pizza of your choice,  also there is an option of choosing your favorite flavor and having pizza with different slices.
You will get the yummy and freshly baked Pizza in a few minutes.

Ten 11 Lounge- The Burger Spot

The flavors of pizza are
Chicken fajita, peri-peri, bonfire, euro, cheese lover, chicken tikka, and chicken supreme pizza.
Also, they have the special one which is 10/10 in taste.

Their menu includes many other things such as Roll and Sandwiches, which include different types of roles.
They also have nuggets and wings.

The most liked item on their menu is their Pasta.

They have 3 types of Pasta
1. Creamy Pasta
2. Flaming Pasta
3. Alfredo Pasta

These Pastas are the most liked ones by the customers.
Especially their Creamy Pasta is the best one.

They also provide the facility of Home delivery.

So If you are hungry during this Quarantine Season you can have some Pizza along with Creamy Pasta they are delivering from 01:00 pm to 01:00 am.

They have the best staff welcoming and greeting you so you can enjoy your food there.

Go and taste the food there, Dear Foodies.

Another type of Food Chaska is waiting for You!!

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