Spaghetti Recipe- Home made Spaghetti-Video


Following the method to prepare the Spaghettis.

  1. Chicken boneless-  Half KG
  2. Capsicum-  02
  3. Carrots-  02
  4. Cabbage-  Half
  5. Soya Sauce-  2Ts.
  6. Vinegar-  1Ts.
  7. Black paper-  1Ts.
  8. Chicken powder-  1Ts.
  9. Red Chili-  1Ts.
  10. Mustered Paste-  2Ts.
  11. Ketchup-  As per Taste
  12. Cooking-  As per Use
  13. Ginger Powder-  1Ts.
  14. Garlic Powder-  1Ts.
  15. Salt-  1Ts.

Chapli Kabab


First of all, boil the spaghetti in water also includes 02Ts. Of cooking oil then put the spaghetti in it. Now, wait till the spaghetti is cooked, during marinating the chicken. Now add the following Ingredients to it 2Ts. Soya sauce, Vinegar 1Ts, red chili 1Ts, salt 1Ts, black paper 1Ts, chicken powder 1Ts, Mustered past 2Ts, after mixing now leave it for 30 minutes. Now take a bowl for sauce, add soya sauce 4Ts, ketchup 4Ts, vinegar 3Ts, Salt 1Ts, and black paper 1Ts now mix it well. Now in the frying pan add 1 cup of cooking oil and also add ginger and garlic 1Ts now put in chicken and fry it well after adding in cabbage and carrots again fry it, add the boiled spaghetti, and mix it well. The homemade Spaghetti is ready for serving.

Source: Youtube

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