The World’s Top Search Engines

The World’s Topmost searching websites.¬†Nowadays, Search engines are playing a vital role in our daily lives.
Whether we have to go to a coffee shop or want to have the best steak, or sandwich cafe in town, or we are lost in some nowhere place or we want to do some shopping, search engines provide us the complete detail of each and everything. Following is the list provided you with most top search engines in the world. World’s top Search Engines.

1. Google

Number one is Google which acquires almost 70% of the search engine market. So the staff is always working on adding more and more stuff to it. But in some studies, it is now observed that YOUTUBE is more popular than GOOGLE on desktops.

2. Bing

Microsoft’s web browser is called Bing. They are working very hard to become a challenge for Google but it’s not an easy task. Along with these efforts, they are running successfully in the world.

3. Yahoo

There is competition between Yahoo and Bing. On the other hand, Google is far away from this competition.
Yahoo has a market share of 7.68%.

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4. Baidu

Along with all these in Jan 2000 Chinese Entrepreneur, Eric Xu founded the search Engine known as Baidu in China. It has results for websites, audio files, images, etc.

5. AOL

Also, it is being counted in the top search engines. They were the people that used CDs to install their software and now they have a market share of 0.59%.


It was founded in 1995, the old name was Ask Jeeves. Their format is based on the question-answer concept.
The users will ask something and they will provide you the answers which you will not get on any other search engines.

7. Excite

It is the search engine that is not commonly used but is in the top 10 as it provides you with data on everything.
The most important thing about this search engine is, it provides you with the latest trends and hottest news that is currently going on in this world.

8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is also a famous search engine but it is known for protecting the privacy of users.
It was founded in 2008 and its revenue is generated by Yahoo-bing Search alliance network AMD affiliates.

9. Wolfram Alpha

It is all computational knowledge. So you will not get the data in the form of documents rather you will be having all facts and figures on this. It was launched in 2009 and is an awesome tool for the right market.

10. Yandex

It was launched in 1997 and is mostly used in Russia and some other countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.

11. Lycos

It has a good image in the market and the main areas are primarily emails, web hosting, and websites related to entertainment.


It was the search engine in which you can ask each and everything and the difference was you can install it on iPhone, iPad, and Android as well.


So we concluded that the World’s top Search Engines were Google and then Bing and Yahoo.

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