Women Shortage-Another Problem for the World

Discussing the issue of women shortage in the world we see that in the ’90s, Newsweek Magazine warned the US women that there are more chances that they would be killed in a bomb attack or by any terrorist than finding a husband after the age of 40.

It is becoming impossible for them.
There were many men, and women were fewer in number. As they are considered to be the losers.

How could they survive alone? It would be a horrible fate for them.

The World Health Organization’s Perspective

WHO says that the ratio at birth is 105 boys to 100 girls. And the equal ratio can be achieved easily.

You just need more boys as men die earlier than women.

China and India’s Situation of Woman Shortage

Moreover, the situation in the most populated countries is so disturbing. As there is so much uneven sex ratio in these countries.

There is a serious problem of Women’s Shortage


China has the number one population rate in the world. There is a ratio of 120 boys to a ratio of 100 girls there.


In India, the ratio is also so uneven. This situation altogether produced 80 million extra men.

Sex-Selective Abortions Causing Women Shortage

This is a crime in many countries but in India, it is being popularly used. They choose boys over girls.

Then a law was made according to which it is a crime to screen the sex of the fetus.

One-Child Policy

As China was on this policy until 2015, the parents always decided to have a boy as their sole child.

Gender discrimination

This is creating havoc for our society as Sons are most likely to be considered financial supporters. And daughters are considered a heavy responsibility. They have to pay for them.

Bride trafficking

As the number of men is increased they need a spouse for them. If they do not find their life partners then they find them in other countries legally or illegally.

Vulnerable women and girls belonging to lower-middle-class families are exposed to this risk.

They are given jobs and then transported to China. From $3000 to $13000 to Chinese families that need girls for their boys.

Then they are raped again and again to have a Child.
Some of them are escaped by leaving behind their child.

There is much evidence like this in Cambodia, North Korea, and Vietnam.

The problem is women are always at a Loss.

If there are too many women they lose.
And if there are fewer women they again lose.

This issue must be handled seriously.
Gender discrimination could not be tolerated in any society. Females are not a burden in this world. They equally contribute to the uplifting of the economic condition of any country.

They can help their fathers and can support their families in a much better way than boys. Females are not less than males.

We should respect them and treat them equally as we treat our males. This is the only way how we can make progress in this world full of competitors.

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