Wheel Invention-History

The revolutionary invention of the wheel Technology is developing day by day, the latest device that could be used today will be an antique piece in tomorrow’s world. That’s why we are taking things for granted. One of the most important developments is the wheel. We see it in every device and with different usages such as in machinery or in tires.

The wheel was invented at a relatively late point in human history. The oldest was found in 3500 BC and in the arena known as the Bronze Age. The wheel was invented in that arena because there was a need for metal tools such as axles or fine-fitted tools. So the wheel is just not a cylinder it’s a cylinder that is fitted on a stationary platform. It was a very challenging invention as the end of axles and the area at the center of the wheels should be perfectly aligned, smooth, and properly shaped.

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To avoid friction it was necessary that these structures be properly made otherwise it would be impossible to run a wheel. Free rotation in this case is very important. The basic purpose of this invention was not transportation and it happened only 300 years later. Before that, they were used for pottery making. The oldest wheel in the world was found in Mesopotamia and the oldest images of the wheeled carts were in Poland. The wheel was not found to be the perfect invention and camels were considered more useful for this purpose and they could be used in any environmental condition. But still, it is being used in irrigation, milling, and other purposes such as pottery making.

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