Whatsapp privacy policy updated

Whatsapp’s new policy, The debate is going on for the last few days on whether our data is secure or not on the famous messaging app Whatsapp. This new privacy condition says that WhatsApp is going to share your data with Facebook. What sort of data WhatsApp is sharing? Is WhatsApp secure now? My data is leaked? Many rumors and false statements were there in the market. Whatsapp is criticized by many digital rights activists. This type of change is promoting other apps Telegram and Signal on the platform. People are avoiding downloading WhatsApp. But this misunderstanding is cleared by many statements of Whatsapp and owners that this would not affect the day-to-day conversations.

The chats and pictures in it are secured by end-to-end encryption. Only you and the person who is receiving those messages will be able to read this chat, no one else. And this change is just for the business and the activities related to the business on Facebook. This point is also clear that it does not have the logs of the chats and the locations shared on chat. Also, the contact list of the users is not shared with anyone. This step is taken for spam and abuse control purposes.

Other Apps

The apps Signal and Telegram saw a sudden rise in their number of downloads within the past few days It was a remarkable success for them. About 9 lacs users installed Signal last weekend. This number is crossing one million now. Whatsapp saw a 7% decline in its downloads.

The Pakistani Peoples

People in Pakistan agreed to these terms without reading the privacy statements properly. And then this became the greatest issue that we are not secure. WhatsApp is using our data illegally. But if you are not doing something wrong or you are not involved in any abuse and criminal activity, or you are not running pornography then you do not have to worry about this. And if you are wrong then you have to worry. But you are secure with WhatsApp. The data belonging to you is of no use to them. But they are running something globally they have access to everything.

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