Wants To Be An ALPHA MALE?

The alpha male is the male that is the dream guy of each and every girl. He is a perfectionist and a man who can achieve anything in this world. His personality and grooming are the wish of every boy. In this toxic world how it could be done? How a boy can be an Alpha?

The first and topmost priority of a woman?

The main qualities that will distinguish you from the beta type are:


The first and most important thing is giving respect to yourself. Respect your mind frame respect your standards. Never allow someone to show you disrespectful behavior. Respect others too. Do not bother from which race, sex, community, age, or experience they belong. Respect them equally. Try not to think of compromising on the respect of others.

Fake News And Problems

Never Tolerate Bullshit

Also never tolerate anything that is not like you. Or the things that are not good in your diaries. You should never be ashamed of saying “NO” to something that you are not interested in doing. You are free to say that I do not like a specific thing about you it’s not cool. People will realize with the passage of time that this person always says the correct words. This will never cause misleading guidance to someone.

Please have control of your LIFE

This is your life and this should be ruled and governed by YOU only. You have to LEAD yourself. Never allow anyone to lead you. You are answerable for your own life. To go to a supermarket or to shop from a local vendor, have tasty food at an expensive restaurant, or have simple homemade food should be your decision.

It also applies to the long-term decisions you make. Having a long-term relationship with a woman or not having a woman for your career. The command should be in your hands.

The smile on your FACE

Introduce yourself to others. Split jokes and make people smile. Try to open up with more and more people, this will make you look like the most attractive guy in the whole gathering. Make eye-to-eye connections more than telephone calls. Enjoy your surroundings no matter how many stupid people are sitting beside you. Behave professionally. Let them love your company.

Stand up for your RIGHTS

Never accept anything that is imposed on you. Especially the wrong one. Respect your principles and limits. Never walk along if you are not willing. Say goodbye to these types of people. They will misuse you according to their benefits.

Trust Yourself

This is the most important and difficult thing for an ALPHA male. They may need a counselor or a mentor. And often hesitate to take responsibility. Also, they want more and more suggestions as they are perfectionists. But once the decision is taken. Stand by it as a MAN. Trust yourself that you can manage any kind of shit related to that matter.

Weaknesses should be acknowledged

Oh, I have done this in the wrong way. Yes, I am wrong. I should not be doing this. My mistake. I apologize more and more.

Try to Communicate

This is my problem. Your Behavior is screwing me. I want to tell you the complete story.

Try to communicate with people and never step back without knowing the true story.

Considerate and Grateful

Try to Step into the shoes of others. Try to feel how some people are feeling. And if you are in that place where they are standing how would you behave?

Be Graceful

Try to dress up properly, please. Ladies will never show any interest in you if you don’t have a sense of what to wear. Try to carry yourself properly. Your looks matter a lot and in this internet world and social media hypes, no one is unaware of the tips to look like a hero. It’s your negligence if you are having a problem dressing up.

So love yourself. Love your family and friends. Enjoy every second of your life. Be a confidant and cheerful personality.

You will be an ALPHA one.

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