Trip To Naran-KPK

Naran-KPK is basically a small town that is located in KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA. It is 119 KM from the MANSEHRA City. This tourist location is also popular internationally. It is 65 KM away from BABUSAR TOP.

A million tourists explore this valley every year. This is the way towards the GILGIT HUNZA. And in summer BABUSAR TOP is used to go to GILGIT HUNZA.

Map Lahore To Naran

Traveling Towards Naran-KPK

From Lahore, the distance towards Naran is 616.2 KM via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/M2. You can cover this distance in almost 10 to 11 hours. If you stay at Behra this time will be increased. At first, you will enter KAGAN another beautiful place on this EARTH, you will see the KAGAN POINT and the road that will take you to the SHOGRAN. Where you can also explore SIRI PAYE and ANSOO LAKE.

Islamabad is the nearest city to Naran almost 250 KM and a 6 to 7 hours drive by car. MANSEHRA is half of this way.

Local Travelling

If you want to go from Islamabad you will have to reach the Bus Station of Rawalpindi, Pir Wadhai Bus Station. Or you can also use the Daewoo Terminal as it is most comfortable. Then they will guide you.

They will take you to Mansehra city or Abbottabad from where you will easily get the local buses towards the Naran. But sometimes they are not available and you have to use the JEEP SAWARI which is quite expensive.

You can explore various points there.


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Where to Stay?

Almost all the hotels are comfortable and clean in Naran but if you are going in a peak season you have to previously book your room as there are chances that you will not get any room. But when the summer is ending and in RAMADAN month you will get the room easily.

Basically, you can walk around in this town explore shops and markets, and can find your room easily.

Naran Bazar

The most crowded area of Naran is the famous Naran market. In which you can shop for your families and the rates are not as much higher as in other tourist locations.

This Bazar gives you a beautiful look at night when the weather changes.

Naran Climate

The climate of Naran is awesome. There are snowy winters and rainy summers in this valley. Even in summer, the weather shows 10 to 12 degrees Celsius temperature.

The nights are super cold in summer also.

You will feel at the entrance that a cool atmosphere is welcoming you. You need warm clothes to visit that valley.

The people of Naran are very nice and cooperative. They will have fun with you and will guide you properly about each and every location of this valley.

Planning your summer vacation? Naran is the best place to go.

You can visit Naran from April to September after that you can not go there due to heavy snowfall.

Beautiful pictures of this valley that were captured in the month of JULY are:

Watch these videos and you will get the idea of how mesmerizing Naran is.

So this was NARAN and you will surely read many articles on different towns and cities of PAKISTAN. You are going to explore many beautiful locations at Chaska Club. Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the whole world and we are proud to be a part of this country.

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