The brands with hilariously funny pictures

You can smile for no reason after seeing a picture. It happens sometimes. Some things are related to your hidden emotions…
Brand names are so important nowadays as you remember the company and brand by their name.
So it is advisable to choose a unique and memorable name for your brand or company. There are some legal things involved in it.

The most common wrong and funny pronunciation

You can not use the name of a brand that is already taken by another company. That is why whenever a company starts to work they register themselves first.

So that no one is allowed to use their name for business purposes. To sell their services or to commit fraud by using the name of a popular company. All the marketing activities are related to the name of the company. But we are living in a global village where if you have thousands of ways to protect your privacy there are many ways to steal that privacy.
Hackers are very smart now.
Some examples are the names of the brands that will make you laugh louder.
How smart these copy persons are….!

Land Wind vehicle VS RANGE ROVER

McDonald’s and McDonald
Iphon Play Store/Google/WhatsApp
Pizza Hut and PitaHut/Pizza Hot
Mirinda-Nirnda, Sprite-Sprito and CocaCola-ColaCola
Lay’s and Legs
KitKat and TikTok
Facebook and Facefood
Dove and Dave
Domino’s and Adomino Pizza
Nescafee and Newcafe/Netcafe
adidas and avivas/sdidsa
7up and 7Dew

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