The Best Honeymoon Places in Pakistan

After two people get married everybody starts to think about their honeymoon. They start to search which could be the best place where they can spend some beautiful moments with their life partner.

Furthermore, this time could be the golden period of their life. Some people can easily afford foreign trips and those who can not afford foreign trips can have many beautiful places to explore in Pakistan.

Pakistan is full of places that can be explored and enjoyed a lot with friends and families. The mesmerizing views with beautiful landscapes can prove to be heaven on this Earth. At extremely reasonable prices you can have the best moments.

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Some are the places that we can advise:

Neelum Valley

It is the most beautiful place in Azad Kashmir. Its quiet atmosphere and remote climate make this place the best one for the honeymoon. You can visit wonderful lakes and running water on horses and can enjoy yourself a lot. This could be the number one choice for any newlywed couple.


Nathia Gali

It is a mountain resort that is located near Abbottabad. This place has mountains that are touching the skies. The stunning still life is like a treasure and satisfaction for the eyes. Nathia Gali Bazar has beautiful shawls there. Don’t forget to buy one for your girl. It will give a remarkable vibe to her. Different types of insects and bugs are there. The climate is extreme due to the high elevation.


Hunza Valley

This valley is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. It is like heaven for mountain lovers, trekkers, and fishermen. The sky is blue and the mountains are covered with snow. This fascinating site can take you to another world. It is not wrong to call Hunza-The paradise on Earth.



If you are with your partner and you want a place where life seems busy, Murree should be your goal. It is situated at the edges of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Has many slopes and zigzag roads. You can enjoy the view from Patriata Chairlift. And this is the best place for running also.



It could be the best place to visit for your special first night. You can read different articles on Naran Kaghan on Chaska Club. It has many spots such as Saif ul Malook and Babusar Top. different lakes like Anso Lake and Lulusar Lake. It has many delightful scenes and the friendliest environment.


Swat Valley

This valley is among the best valleys in Pakistan. There are many sites such as Bahrain, Kalam Valley, and Malam Jabba. This valley can add charm to your first night.

These are the places you can visit for your Honeymoon. Pakistan is the most beautiful country no doubt.


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