Television Invention-History

Television invention has a great history. The television known as TV is found in every home across the world but 100 years ago nobody knows what a TV could be or how it could change our lives and will be a new source of entertainment for us.

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Invention of TV

In 1947 only a few Americans have a TV in their homes. The First TV was invented in 1927 by a 21 years old inventor named Philo Taylor Farnsworth. He was living in a house with no electricity supply at the age of 14. He was always trying to invent something that could capture a photo and with the help of coding, it could convert those images into moving or rotating photos and radio waves could move those images through different devices.

The first image that was transmitted was just a single line and was shown on television. Later Farnsworth captured moving images using a beam of electrons transmitted a dollar sign successfully on television.

So afterward different images started to be transmitted on TV
and TV becomes part of each and every home now.  And Television Invention is known to be the best source of entertainment today.

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