Telephone Invention-History

Telephone Invention

Telephone Invention, the inventor named Bell, started to work on the harmonic telegraph and transmitted various messages over a wire. He always wanted to improve that invention and wanted to discover a new method to transfer the voice message from one person to another on wires. In 1875, Bell and his partner Thomas Watson invented a receiver that turns electricity into sound waves.

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Antonio and Elisha Gray

Other scientists such as Antonio and Elisha Gray were also found to invent something like that but Bell rushed to the Patent office and became the first in this field and now he was the first that secured the rights for this invention. In March 1876 Bell made his first to Watson and said the phrase “Watson, come here I want you” Then in 1877 the Bell telephonic company was made which nowadays is famous with the name AT&T.

And the first transcontinental phone call was also made by Bell in 1915 to Watson, from New York to the area known as San Francisco. Later the telephone becomes a part of our lives. Every human being is now available on call, just a call away the world is connected in a new way.

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