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Reeja Jeelani Reeja Jeelani: 556.2K followers and 5.1M Like till today on Tik Tok, Tik Tok ID is “Reeja Jeelani(@reejajeelani) Official | TikTok”. Reeja Jeelani is popular on Tik Tok. She is Popular with her makeup skills & actions on TikTok. Jeelani’s videos are most famous in songs & dramatic dialogues. She is also famous […]

Experiencing Childhood Trauma?


Childhood Trauma This feeling is related to your mental state. Any event or incident that you experienced in your childhood that gives you the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability is called childhood trauma. Furthermore, you think that this world is not making any effort to save you from this. You are in a stage of […]

Imran Khan’s Wish-Turkish Televison Series Dirilis Ertugrul


History of Ertugrul Ghazi In Islam According to Islamic History, Ertugrul was the son of Suleman Shah who was the leader of the Kayi Tribe. After the death of Suleman Shah, his son became the next ruler. The son of the Ertugrul was Osman. Nothing about this hero is found with clear accuracy in history. […]

Ayeza Khan Encouraging People to Make Cloth Masks

As our doctors and other medical staff are dealing with this pandemic in a more critical way than we do. That is why they need these masks more than us. We are sitting in our homes and just have to go to the grocery or some other places for just a few minutes. But they […]

Feroze Khan’s Feelings on Maulana Sahab’s Issue


Feroze Khan Feroze Khan’s Feelings on this issue were full of anger that how a journalist could behave like this. The famous Pakistani drama actor Feroze Khan left his showbiz career after meeting with our Islamic Scholar Tariq Jameel Sahab. Moreover, his wife Syeda Alizay disclosed this thing on Instagram. He had started his journey […]

Baranh-Exotic Cuisine of Old Lahore


Baranh-Exotic Cuisine of Old Lahore@12baranh Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Google Map Baranh is a place for Desi Food lovers. Beautiful place with indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. Located at Qaddafi Stadium near Dera. This place has a magical atmosphere at night, especially during winter nights. The outdoor sitting arrangements with dim lights, fog, and the famous […]

Maulana Tariq Jameel Apologizes for calling Pakistani Media “The Liars”


Maulana Tariq Jameel He was born on 1st January 1953. He is a preacher and a religious scholar. Also, he is part of a Tablighi Jamaat. He studied at Government College University Lahore and then learn the Quran, Hadees, and all the Islamic Shariah from Raiwind city. After GCU he was enrolled in King Edward Medical College […]

Dubai And The Smart Helmets

Dubai And The Smart Helmets-chaskaclub

Dubai police and the Department of Transportation are currently using a unique type of smart helmet. These helmets are like Robo Coupe, like shown in different movies, and can detect the coronavirus patient immediately. Invention Moreover, these helmets are invented by the Chinese and the company name is Qing Chi Technology, and many areas of […]

iPhone SE 2020


Apple 15th April 2020 announced the iPhone SE 2020 launch. And this phone is releasing on 24th April 2020. Different names for this phone are the second-generation iPhone SE, iPhone SE 2020, or the 2020 iPhone SE. This phone is more or less resembling an android phone with some features. It is low-cost and the […]

Fighting Corona virus (Vitamin D Intake)

Vitamin D Dose Vitamin D is fat-soluble and plays an important role in dealing with many issues related to the human body. In 2017 a study has been conducted which it is shown that the population of UAE is 90% which is deprived of Vitamin D and is suffering from various health issues. This survey […]