Snowfall in Lahore- The Winter-land Timing, Address and Ticket Prices

Snowfall in Lahore- The Winterland Timing, Address, and Ticket Prices, One of the most challenging things about living in Lahore is the scorching heat of summer, which can be exhausting for residents. While many people choose to escape to the cooler northern regions of Pakistan for a break, it’s not always practical for everyone to take time off work and travel long distances. Fortunately, Winterland Lahore has brought the refreshing chill of the north to Bahria Town, Lahore. Keep reading to learn more about Winterland’s opening hours, ticket prices, and location.

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First Indoor Climate-Controlled Snow Park

Winterland Lahore is the city’s first indoor climate-controlled Snow Park, offering a frosty experience with -10° temperatures year-round. It’s a perfect spot for friends and family to enjoy recreational time together, especially during the blazing hot summers when many people lock themselves indoors. Winterland Lahore offers numerous fun activities such as photography, ice skating, snacks, fun rides, zipline, ice sculptures, and more.

Activity at Winter-land Lahore Behrai Town

Snow Play Area

Kid’s Slides & Play Area

Bumper Cars

Ice Cycling


How you can Get Winter-land Ticket

You cannot purchase tickets on-site, like in a traditional park in Pakistan. Winterland tickets must be purchased online in advance.

You can buy tickets through the following link.

Visit Website:

The prices of Winter-Land ticket prices in Lahore

Standard Ticket Price

Ticket Price: ₨ 1,499

Include Facilities

  • Standard Ticket is valid for one 1 Hour
  • provided Gloves and Jacket by management of Winter-Land
  • You can enjoy Unlimited access to activities and rides
  • Only Single entry allowed

Premium Ticket Price

Ticket Price: ₨ 2,499

Include Facilities

  • Free snacks and photography
  • provided Gloves and Jacket by management of Winter-Land
  • Fast track entry inside Winter-Land ice-park
  • You can enjoy Unlimited access to activities and rides
  • You can stay Unlimited in -10 degrees
  • Only Single entry allowed

Contact Information

Contact: 0304-111-7669, Email:

Facebook link :


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