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Siri and Paye meadows are basically beautiful mountains that have a beautiful lake called The Paye Lake. This name is funny as in Urdu siri and paye means head and feet. This is the name of a famous Asian dish that is liked by almost all of us. But why these hills are named SIRI AND PAYE.

Strange Stories about SIRI AND PAYE

Many stories are related to them some people say there was a goat that was eaten by a strange lion and the head and feet were left mounted.

Another story is that SIRI was a HINDU LADY and she was in love with a man named PAYE and these mountains are named for the divine love of that couple.

These are just the stories that are related to this world but we do not know how much reality is there in these stories.

Traveling Towards SIRI PAYE

With risky roads and difficult paths, this hypnotizing place will attract you and you will surely be planning to go there this summer or next. Amazing landscapes, a heaven for the people who love trekking. The beauty of this place is matchless and the lush green mountains will serve as a deep relaxing breath in this stressful life.

The total distance from Lahore to SIRI PAYE is 603 KM. From Shogran you have to move almost 6 KM to go to SIRI PAYE. That road is very dangerous. You will take the JEEP from Shogran and cover the most dangerous road in your life.

But once you reach your destination, you will get the reward for your struggle.


People having breathing disorders and any kind of problem related to their respiratory system are not advised to go there. As there is a problem with OXYGEN it becomes so difficult to breathe sometimes.

Located at the height of 3.058 meters from sea level and having a beautiful PAYE lake and a vast range of mountains in a spider shape called the MAKRA PEAK, this location is no less than a dreamland.

The height of MAKRA PEAK is 11,200 feet.

Son of Mountains

Another strange term used for the little kids that will serve you ALLOCHAS and BERRIES on those mountains.

Where to Stay?

There is a possibility of camping in those mountains but due to the weather conditions that are also very extreme in SHOGRAN, it is not suggested to stay there. You can have your room in Shogran.

You will feel the mountains and their peaks playing hide and seek with the clouds. In fact, you will feel that you are in the clouds.

But it’s better to move down to Shogran before sunset.

This was SIRI PAYE LAND. Stay connected with CHASKA CLUB. And enjoy your Travelling Chaska.

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