Sheikh Rasheed And Ayesha Omar?

Sheikh Rasheed And Ayesha Omar Marriage, a new Sensation on the internet.

Lo bae mil gaee nae kahani sbko…………

Ayesha Omar is known for her multi-talented personality as she has made her name both in the drama industry and in the singing field also. And Sheikh Rasheed is the most famous politician in Pakistan.

Both are single and unmarried. Nowadays people are relating both of them that maybe they are going to marry each other. All this started with an interview of Ayesha at the Show called TO BE HONEST, where the host asked a simple question if she is having a choice between 4 men, who will be the lucky one that can be her husband?

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And She answered, Sheikh Rasheed… because of his great sense of humor I will marry him.

Or mil gae logo ko nae kahani……. k krdia Ayesha ne Sheikh Rasheed se Shadi ka iqrar…… ???

Like seriously????

Also, it was just a simple question. And she had only 4 choices.

In addition to this, she also said that she is not interested in marriage and she is OK with being single. She thinks that if you want to extend your family then you should marry.

Shadi zindagi bnaati nhee hai blky shadi to zindgi khatam kerdaite hai……. 

Source: Youtube

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