‘’PAWRI HO RAHI HA’’ is now a Religious Song

Sometimes the ‘’PAWRI HO RAHI HA’’ memes and jokes are at the top trend and are flooding the internet, people are recreating this at parties, functions, and birthdays and are enjoying this trend. But some people are pissed at this because this trend is just rising again and again. It is also now being used as a shaddi dance. In the coming days, PAWRI Girl will be Ramdan Broadcaster.

People were making jokes about it and trolling it so much. As it was not being stopped. Some people suggest that she will come to Ramadan Broadcast too.

The Joke Become Real and It’s a Religious Song now So now the Dialogue is changed to “YA HAMARY FRIENDS HAIN, YA HUM HAIN, OR YA HAMARI IBADAT ho rahi ha”. This dialogue is revolving around all the KALAM.

On youtube complete video religious song

Sound of Peoples. “This country is going worst day by day”

Sound of people..”la hawla wala kuwata! Idk what should I say. Like seriously Now!! Is Ibadat fun for u all ?”

Dananeerr has become a social media sensation overnight,

The most top popular video of Dananeerr


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