Pakistan’s first digital Population Census

Pakistan’s first digital Population Census. The government starts this in March 2023.

The 7th census starts from 1 March 2023 all over Pakistan.

Pakistan conducting its first digital census through Online System. This is totally online system. In this section first, three days of people’s listing will be done in which the houses will be numbered and collect basic information will be determined.

  1. House owner Name
  2. Household economic activity
  3. Head’s mobile number

The enumeration process will begin in which all the information from each house will be taken.

Therefore, the general public is requested to write the following information carefully on a piece of paper and keep it at home so that they do not face any difficulty in answering the questions of the census staff, and also the valuable time of the team. don’t waste.


However, three types of information will be collected from each house owner: information about household members, information related to the building of the house, and information related to the respondent.

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Information related to household members

  1. Names of all house members and their relationship with the head.
  2. The ages of all persons in years have been completed.
  3. Each member’s Sexual type
  4. Marital status
  5. Religion
  6. District of birth
  7. Nationality From – The Country to which the citizen belongs
  8. Source of income
  9. Educational qualification, who has passed classes
  10. Educated / Uneducated
  11. Work that is being done, employment, business, agriculture or pension, etc.
  12. Displacement
  13. Mother tongue
  14. Difficulties in speaking, hearing, walking, or seeing
  15. How long have you been residing in the same district

All Information regarding building/house

  1. Homeownership
  2. Gender of the house owner
  3. The number of rooms Animal and straw rooms will not be counted.
  4. Cooking medium
  5. Structure of the roof of the house
  6. Period of house construction
  7. Overseas household members
  8. Structure of the house walls
  9. Kitchen facility
  10. Source of drinking water
  11. Light source
  12. Media

Attendant Information

  1. Name of Respondent
  2. Paternity

The Website of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

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