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Pakistani Drama Channels Promoting Second Marriages in the Society

Pakistani Drama Channels Promoting Second Marriages in the Society


Are Pakistani Drama Channels Promoting Second Marriages in the Society? Drama Channels such as Hum TV, ARY and GEO etc. are highly focused on just one topic FORCED OR WILFUL SECOND MARRIAGE OF A MAN.

Second Marriage and Our Society

Islam, our religion allows a man to 4 marriages at a time but if he is able to fulfill all the responsibilities of his wives. It is preferable that he marry a widow or divorcee. But this is not the actual reality in our society.


Nowadays second marriages are taking place when the man is fed up emotionally or physically from his first wife. He is not having a baby from the first one or he is not sexually compatible with her.

Many fraudsters are there who trap the single girls by accepting that they do not have any feeling for their first wife and those young girls become prey for these type of men.

Society is complex with various issues.

Pakistani Dramas

No doubt this culture of second marriage is prevailing in our society. But this is shown in almost each and every drama of the Pakistani channel.

Maybe they are showing the world that this is wrong but many young girls are attracted to the married men after seeing those types of dramas.

As males are always more inclined towards their second wives, they are shown loving to the second one and ignoring the first one.

This is the threat for the married girls as this culture is becoming more and more in this society.

Some most popular dramas are:


Source: Youtube

In this drama, a young girl is kidnapped for the purpose of a second marriage. How she is struggling in her life is extremely painful to see.


Source: Youtube

In this drama, the first wife forcefully marry her man to the second girl just for the sake of money. But after getting the money she is getting jealous of the second one.


Source: Youtube

In this drama, the man marries the second one as she was his ex-girlfriend and cousin. So she trapped him by creating a false drama of her unstable mental condition.


Source: Youtube

In this serial, the girl’s best friend trapped her husband. And then they got married. They cheated her.


The greatest hit of the time.

Source: Youtube

Starring Minal Khan, this drama shows the story of the girl that spoiled the life of her own sister. And is going to marry her husband.

Shocking situation that Pakistani Drama Producers are just focused on this topic of second marriage and nothing else.

They should make dramas on the topic that proves to be a lesson for the young generation. But these types of dramas are just a waste of time. And they teach us that how you can have a fight with your own blood relations and can have their life partners to be yours.


They should try something new.

Something different than a second marriage.


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