Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

What is Narcissistic personality disorder? How it affects the lives of others? 
The person suffering from NPD is self-centered and selfish. He is only thinking about himself/herself. People usually think that they are arrogant and just think about what is good for them. They are not concerned about what others are thinking. They have many valid and self-made points to take you to that level of negativity and they will convince you.
You will start to think that they are right and you are wrong.
There are many ways that the narcissist will try to manipulate you.
Some of them are.

1) Involving the third person

Whenever they will talk to you about something they will have someone to support them. They will always have one person that is already convinced by his point of view. And that person will support him in whatever right or wrong thing he is saying. It is on you to judge that person.

2) Devaluing the other person

They will say that I love something about you and then as time passes, they will start to say that you are not capable of anything. People like this will start to devalue you that you are not enough and not according to their standards. You should struggle more to achieve their standard. But this is not your fault. They have the habit of devaluing a person after a certain period of time.

3) Aggression related to NPD

They are always showing aggressive behavior. Verbal aggression is common in their traits. Whenever things are moving out of their approach they will show you their aggressive behavior. They are in an attempt of controlling you. They want that you should not interact with your family and friends. Taking control of someone’s life is their main motto.

4) Ashamed Feeling 

They know how to make you feel like you are not according to a specific class that is why they will feel u ashamed of your dress or any other thing.

5) I am the VICTIM

They will play the role of a victim in your story. They will show you that you are right and I am the guilty one. Do not panic and never lose your standards.

6) Unacceptable behavior

They will make you feel guilty always and if you start to behave just like they are saying, you will never be able to change them. Never goes on the path they are showing you. You are not guilty and believe that they are just doing that to satisfy their ego. Sometimes these people treat you just like a source of entertainment.

7) Only Discussing themselves

They just want the center of this discussion should remain only those people. They would not listen to you even if they will cut your conversation in between. And if you will cut their conversation they will not tolerate this.

8) Brainwashing

They will brainwash you. You will feel like you are doing the things that you do not want to do. As they have changed your mind. They know how to control the minds of others.

9) Denying behavior 

What? When did I say that? It never happened. You are lying. This type of behavior is common in them.

10) Verbal Abuse

They will always use bad words and bad language with you. Never ever tolerate their behavior like this.

Try to change them. Never live a life according to someone’s wish. Live your own life with your own rules and regulations.

you should know what is good for you. Set your standards and never allow someone to make you fall for anything.
Some other traits of people like these are shown in the video:

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