Nadeem Nani Wala Leaked Video

TikTok star Nadeem Nani Wala is in the spotlight nowadays. It is not clear whether it is a publicity stunt or someone is using him and his fame.

This video shows Nadeem with a girl in a bed. This is a mystery that who that girl is.
Some say she is Mehreen Khokar a Tik Toker who is famous for her vulgar and bold videos. But some say that she is Jannat Mirza.

But the reality is no one knows who she is. This is the dark side of that Chinese app.

Fans are criticizing him for his indecent behavior. He is judged by almost every person irrespective of their own behaviors.

This is becoming a trend. The tik tokers leak their own videos for popularity and then they come up with lame excuses. They just perform these stunts for popularity and then become Victims.

As in the case of Minahil Malik.

Source: Youtube

The fans are furious they both are naked in bed. They were not expecting these types of things from this man. TikTok was banned in Pakistan just because of these inappropriate behaviors in the last few days. But of no use. These things are going on repeatedly.

Source: Youtube

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