Muhammad Ali Jinnah Biography

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Biography |1876–1948|

Muhammad Ali Jinnah-Introduction

Who was Muhammad Ali Jinnah? How he was a role model for all of us? Let’s study his biography in detail.

He became part of the party called the Indian National Congress in 1906. Also, he laid the foundation of the independent state of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. He became the first governor-general. On September 11, 1948, Jinnah passed away.

Early Life of Jinnah

Jinnah was born in an apartment that was on rent on the second floor of Wazir Mansion in Karachi, Pakistan which at that time was part of INDIA. The day was December 25, 1876. His birth name was Muhammad Ali Jinnah Bhai. He was the eldest of his parent’s seven children. At the time of birth, he was underweight and there were fewer chances that he would survive. But his mother had faith that one day her son will achieve big things. His father whose name was Jinnah Bhai Poonja was a merchant and exporter of cotton, wool, grain, and a range of other goods. The sector to which they belong is called Khooja Sec.

At the age of six, his father placed him in the Sindh Madrasatul-Islam School. Jinnah was not a very bright student. He was more interested in outdoor activities such as playing with his friends. And had the least interest in studies. His father forced him to learn mathematics but it was his most hated subject by him.

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From Karachi to Bombay

When he was 11 years old his aunt suggested that he will be studying in the big city of BOMBAY rather than KARACHI. It will benefit him according to them. His mother was not willing but his aunt forcefully enrolled him in Gokal Das Tej Primary School. Despite the change, he was continuously a non-serious student and was not changing his behavior. After six months he was sent back to Karachi. His mother again enrolled him in Sindh Madrassa again but he was again stuck off as he was enjoying horse riding with his friends and was bunking classes.

But after no effect on him, his parents then enrolled him in Christian Missionary Society High School, with good hopes. But all in vain. Then his mother thought about his marriage and that maybe this step will make him responsible.

In February 1892 the arranged marriage was fixed between a 15-year-old groom and a 14-year-old bride. When he left for London after a few months his wife passed away and then his mother also left him alone in this world.


He rented a room in London. But Mrs. F.E. Page-Drake of Kensington invited him to stay at his house where he finally settled.

He completed his internship in 1893. And studied biographies and other political texts and prepared himself for the exam. In 1896 he became the youngest to be accepted by the bar.

In 1896 he had his law degree in his hands then he moved to Bombay and practiced his field and became the most famous lawyer of all time. He fought many famous cases.


In 1902 his father passed away. He had developed his interest in the field of politics. He was very disappointed by his behavior and how he is moving toward politics.

In 1904 he attended the meeting of the All India National Congress and then he joined this party in the same year.

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