Master Your YouTube Experience- Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

A condensed version of YouTube keyboard shortcuts would be a summary of the key combinations that allow users to navigate and control various features on YouTube. These shortcuts enable users to perform actions such as playing or pausing videos, adjusting the volume, going forward or backward in a video, and entering or exiting full-screen mode, among other functions. By utilizing these keyboard shortcuts, users can enhance their browsing experience on YouTube and conveniently manage video playback without relying solely on the mouse or touchpad.

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General Shortcuts

Spacebar or K: Play/pause the video.
J: Rewind 10 seconds.
L: Fast forward 10 seconds.
F: Enter or exit full-screen mode.
Home: Go to the beginning of the video.
End: Go to the end of the video.
/: Cursor place in the search box.
M: Mute/unmute the video.
Up arrow and Down arrow: Increase/decrease the volume.

Playback Shortcuts

0-9: Seek a specific percentage of the video (e.g., 1 for 10%, 5 for 50%, etc.).
Left arrow: Seek backward 5 seconds.
Right arrow: Seek forward 5 seconds.
, (comma): Move backward one frame when the video is paused.
. (period): Move forward one frame when the video is paused.

Navigation Shortcuts

Tab: Move the focus to the next element on the page.
Shift + Tab: Move the focus to the previous element on the page.
Enter: Activate a selected item.
Escape: Close a selected menu or dialog box.
F5 or Ctrl + R: Refresh the page.

Playlist Shortcuts

Shift + P: Play the previous video in a playlist.
Shift + N: Play the next video in a playlist.

Subtitle/Caption Shortcuts

C: Toggle captions on/off.
and -: Increase/decrease the caption font size.
B: Change the background color of captions.

More Information

These shortcuts should work on most web browsers. However, please note that some browser extensions or settings may override these default shortcuts.

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