Married or Unmarried Man????

A married or unmarried man, what are the characteristics of a man that make him a better life partner? Or that could help him to prove himself a better husband?

Main Differences Between this TWO

A married man has a visible goal for life. He has passed his struggling phase of life and is now free to enjoy different perks of life. These men are well-settled and carrier-oriented. They have settled their business. And if they are living with their life partners and have kids they are often responsible. They know how to take responsibility and take care of a person. Often they take care of a girl just like a baby. Many of them are just flirts and use girls for their means only.

An unmarried man usually does not have any goal in life and his life is just going on in a smooth way. Most of them have not seen yet the different phases and hard times of life related to the struggles of carrier and business. They have options in their minds. Their minds are free for a better opportunity. Usually, they take everything on their ego and are stubborn in most cases. Some of them love passionately but most of them just take girls for granted.

Marrying A Married Man

In religions like ISLAM, it is allowed for a man to marry 4 women in his life. But there is not a simple game. He has to fulfill all the responsibilities of his family only then he is allowed to have a second. It is suggested to marry a widow or a girl living a life with any kind of inferiority in her life.

But if a single or unmarried girl wants to marry a married man then she has to make herself prepare for different types of problems in her life.

The first and most important thing is sharing. It is not possible for a woman to share her man with anyone. She will miss many things in her life like the feeling of a man when he is holding his first baby. A married man is facing everything for the second time and he may not have any charm in these things for the second time. Everything may be ordinary for him.

In our society, a second marriage is allowed but is considered a crime. Man is punished by his first wife and his family for this step. This could make him a victim of many diseases.

But in most cases, men are forced to take this step when they want a new and fresh change in their life. They want to change their lifestyle and at half of their age, they want to live a life of a teenager. These types of men usually love their second wives very much. And in most cases, they forget their family. As priorities change with time.

But there are cases that a man is marrying for the second time just for the sake of his lust and force the new wife to make compromises as he is so much involved in his first family.

Marring An Unmarried Man

An unmarried man who is responsible and well settled is like a gem if he loves you and is very much devoted towards his relations.

For an unmarried man marring an unmarried woman, everything is happening for the very first time and they would cherish and have the charm of each and everything.

But if an unmarried man is loving a married woman things again get complex and complex. If she is a widow or divorcee then this man could make her life like heaven. But if she is having her husband and kids then this thing again goes against nature. And if things are against nature then the problems are bigger.


Marriages are not temporary relations they can fill your life with happiness and could destroy your life forever. You can survive without love but you can not survive if there is no understanding between you and your partner.

May every one of you will get your SOULMATE.

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