LUMS University Students Celebrate Fake Shadi- Viral Video

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Apart from academic activities, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is often seen trending on social media due to its extracurricular activities. Last month, Lums was in the news because of Bollywood Day, but this time the reason was the ‘fake marriage’ fame. LUMS University Students Celebrate Fake Shadi-Viral Video.

There are many days for seniors like Color Day, Bollywood Day, etc. One of them was a wedding day. In our Facebook group, some boys and girls were nominated to be the bride and groom and the elections were held, after which the bride became Mah Noor and the bride became Taimur. He added: ‘We had a regular three-day wedding in which we had a lot of fun. I could never dance, but I definitely did support it, check it out.

Viral Videos

For the past few days, videos of the ‘fake marriage’ taking place in Lumz University are not only being shared but also being discussed loudly on Instagram.

Lums student Anusha shared videos of the ‘fake marriage’ at the university on Instagram, writing: ‘It was all for fun. Please don’t mistake all this just because it happened in Limousin.


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In the videos, we can see wedding preparations and ceremony were shown, while in the second, scenes of the Mehndi ceremony were seen. Along with the henna and dholki video, Anusha wrote: ‘Don’t forget it was just for fun.’

In another video, the Instagram user wrote: ‘This is the final video and the series got a lot of love, but also a little bit of hate. Let me repeat that this is a senior batch tradition and only the graduating students enjoy it. In these four years, Lum’s house and all these people became like family. And this event was an attempt to collect beautiful memories before graduation.


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Social media users have given mixed reactions to the videos shared by Anusha at regular intervals, in which some users liked it a lot while others raised objections.


Many social media users termed this ‘fake marriage’ as against Islamic traditions and raised questions about the couple’s marriage. Responding to this, Pakistani actor Usman Khalid Butt wrote: ‘My entire timeline is filled with the debate whether the students of Limz are really married?

Many dramas have scenes of my marriage. I’m sorry ladies, I think I’m your husband.’ Saeem Rahman, one of the organizers of the wedding in Lumz, said in a video shared on Instagram that people are asking, “What is the scene of the wedding in Limz?” I tell you.


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