As reported, at MARGALLA HILLS Common leopards were spotted.

Margalla HILLS/TRAIL 5

Margalla Hills area in the north of Islamabad, within the National Park of Margalla Hills. Murree Hills are also part of the Margalla Hills. This area consists of many different types of mountains and valleys.

Moreover, the studies say that there are almost 250 to 300 species at least, of plants that naturally grow there. Human beings are using these plants for medicines and other purposes.

Also, many carnivorous animals, mammals, monkeys, and many species of common leopards named Margalla Leopards are found there.

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It has been reported within the last few days that common Leopards were spotted in Trail 5 which is the hiking trail in the Margalla Hills. They were two in number. They have good health which shows that they are having good food on a daily basis. Also, they are not deprived of any kind of nutrition.

The news channel Samaa TV says.

In addition to this, it is also reported by 24 News:

This news is circulating all over the media. Different people giving different remarks.

But according to ISLAMABAD WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT BOARD, this news is fake.

One more viral video regarding this news is circulated on social media that it enters into the house and attacks the pet dog. And injured the dog. But this video is again a fake story. Also, this is the video from India, not Pakistan.


People in Pakistan and all over the world are working on the rule of “creating HYPE” by showing fake news and over-exaggerating everything. As 6 women were killed by a leopard in 2006 in Abbottabad which is the reason how big cats became so scary for normal human beings. And the topic of “Blood Sucking” leopard became so famous in those days.

Another report from the Western media says that the people of Pakistan are more scared of leopards than any other thing.

Basically in those areas, leopards attack for their food. They eat goats and domestic dogs. Then the owner of the house kills the leopard as they have to face the loss of the source through which they are earning money.

So LEOPARD is basically a shy animal and usually does not harm any human being. They are just concerned with their food and territory issues.
And we as a nation should be well aware of the fact that every piece of news is not the scenario that exists in reality. Maybe this is just to create “Hype”.

Search and believe the right one only to avoid any kind of mental stress and fear.

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