Laughter’s the Best Medicine: Top 10 Hilarious Instagrammers to Brighten Your Day

In today’s digital age, the online landscape is flooded with shoutouts, reviews, reactions, and unboxings, as content consumption has become a global phenomenon, capturing the attention of individuals from all walks of life. What began as a form of entertainment has evolved over time into a powerful marketing tool, enabling many to forge full-time careers in the industry. In Pakistan, a group of remarkably witty Instagrammers is making a significant impact, contributing to the growth of influencer marketing.

The Surging Influencer Market

Over the past few years, influencer marketing in Pakistan has experienced exponential growth, transitioning from a $8 billion industry in 2019 to a staggering $15 billion by 2022, as estimated by Insider Intelligence based on Mediakix data.

Meet Pakistan’s Biggest Secret Alter Ego

Amid the rise of influencer marketing, it’s fascinating to note that many of us have developed a clandestine alter ego, making us Pakistan’s most significant influencers, even if incognito. In my case, I’m the embodiment of a witty influencer with a penchant for feline companionship and a dash of sarcasm – think of me as a modern-day Ms. Chanandler Bong.

Celebrating Hilarious Instagrammers

To cater to this covert persona, I follow some of Pakistan’s most hilarious Instagrammers. In times when we all could use a good laugh, especially during Ramadan when patience is paramount, these influencers craft content that brightens our spirits. Here are my top 10 favorite influencers who reign over the influencer market in Pakistan, delivering ample doses of laughter.

Momin Saqib

From “Maaro Mujhay Maaro” to “Halaat badal gaye, Jazbaat Badal gaye,” Momin Saqib entirely detentions the real sentiments of a patriotic Pakistani. His content is relatable and that’s why we have such a strong appreciation for it.


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Amtul Baweja

Amtul Baweja is an obvious humorist in Pakistan, and she co-manages a trendy blog named Patangeer with her husband, Fahad. Their travel content on Patangeer is beloved for its heartwarming nature. While Amtul portrayed a serious role in Churails, her Instagram presence is the complete opposite. Her videos are relatable to people of all backgrounds and never fail to bring a smile to our faces with their humor.


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Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir, famously known as Waderay Ka Beta, is undoubtedly the foremost name that pops into our heads when we delve into the world of humorous Instagrammers in Pakistan. His wit and comedic charm have garnered a massive following and cemented his status as a top entertainer in the digital realm.

Ali Gul Pir’s knack for creating humorous content is unparalleled. His videos and posts have a universal appeal, effortlessly resonating with a wide audience. With each piece of content, he consistently manages to bring laughter into our lives, providing a refreshing break from our daily routines.

His unique style and humorous take on various aspects of Pakistani society make him a beloved figure in the world of social media. Ali Gul Pir’s influence extends far beyond laughter; he uses his platform to address critical issues, advocate for social change, and promote a positive impact. His versatile talent and immense popularity in the digital landscape have solidified his place as one of Pakistan’s most cherished Instagram personalities.


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Pir Ahmed

TikToker Pir Ahmed began as a charming figure on the platform, known for his endearing smile. He has now transitioned into one of the fresh faces representing Elan. Initially focusing on lip-synching videos, Pir has transformed his Instagram into a hub for creating humorous desi video memes.


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Raza Samo

From the Khujlee Family, Awesome is undeniably one of the most entertaining Instagrammers out there. Whether it’s funny content, song covers, or spreading awareness, Raza Samo is your go-to content creator. With over 402,000 followers and the coveted blue tick, Raza Samo is winning over Instagram users. People adore Samo because they find him relatable, and his fantastic videos have the power to turn a bad day into an awesome one.


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Swineryy is undeniably one of the fastest-growing Instagram accounts on the platform. This anonymous Karachi-based account has gained global recognition and popularity. With its clever humor and unique characters like a bewildered koala, a blue maulvi, an alien, and a gossip aunty, Swineryy has captured the hearts of a diverse global audience.

Swineryy boasts a following of 185,000 users from around the world, and what adds to the intrigue is that the identity of the talented woman behind this account remains a well-guarded secret. This element of curiosity keeps us all eagerly awaiting the next video upload, making Swineryy a must-follow for many Instagram users.


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Faiza Saleem

Everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone, knows the name Faiza Saleem. She made history as Pakistan’s first female social media personality to venture into the world of stand-up comedy. Faiza is the driving force behind the subcontinent’s pioneering all-women stand-up group, “The Khawatoons.”

Her Instagram, where she has earned the coveted blue tick, boasts a substantial following of 138,000 fans who eagerly follow her captivating characters and content. Beyond her comedic talent, Faiza Saleem is an outspoken advocate for women’s empowerment and body positivity, making her a cherished figure across the nation.


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Khizar Khan, also known as Khizee, is famous for his short, one-liner videos that always conclude with his iconic catchphrase, “Tou ye lo lota.” Khizer delivers practical advice in an epic and unforgettable manner, making his videos truly addictive.

With a substantial following of 133,000 fans, Khizer has one valuable piece of advice for everyone – “#TessionNahiLeni.” This hashtag reminds us not to take stress and to keep things light, which is a message that resonates with his audience.


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Baji Bombastic

Our beloved “baji” on Instagram caught our eye when she candidly shared her love for life’s challenges. Baji consistently treats her followers to top-notch content, offering valuable advice and addressing their inquiries.

Baji Bombastic, also known as Sheherzade Peerzada, swiftly rose to internet stardom within a matter of days. As a result, she has garnered the affection of a wide audience, boasting an impressive 115,000 followers who wholeheartedly express their admiration on Instagram.


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Arslan Naseer

If you claim you’ve never seen a review by Comics by Arslan, you might not be telling the whole truth. There was a time when we eagerly anticipated Arslan’s video reviews on the latest ads, movies, or trending topics. To this day, CBA reviews remain an absolute delight, thanks to Arslan’s talent for spotlighting the smallest details in a unique yet straightforward manner that captivates viewers.

Arslan boasts a verified Instagram account with a dedicated following of 175,000 fans. In short, I highly recommend indulging in a binge-watching session of CBA reviews because they never lose their charm.


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