Damn e Koh-Islamabad is a beautiful place of Islamabad.

Also, Islamabad is a city that is known as calm, peaceful, and the greenest city of Pakistan.
In addition to this beautiful and clean roads add to its beauty making Islamabad the most attractive city of all time.
Furthermore, Shah Faisal Mosque which can accommodate 100,000 worshipers is situated in Islamabad, the mosque is famous for its architecture and design.

Moreover, the mosque has a tent-like structure and pen-like miners.
Also, Islamabad is the safest city in Pakistan with excellent security and law and order facilities. You can go shopping too and enjoy food even late at night without any fear and security problems.

Peer Sohawa

In addition to this, The hiking trail is the most famous hiking point in Islamabad.

Clearly, as u move from Lahore to Islamabad (380 Km) you can feel the weather changes there.
Also, there are moderate changes as sometimes the weather becomes hot, hotter, or sometimes it gets cold.

Indeed a sense of pleasure in your mind will be there throughout this journey. As you enter Islamabad, the beautiful picture of mountains and scenery will be displayed in front of you by Allah Almighty.
But its the reality, it’s not the fantasy. Also, the Shah Faisal Mosque will be there welcoming you to the beautiful city.

Damn e Koh

Located at north of Islamabad and in the middle of Margalla hills and about 2400 ft from sea level and 500 ft from the city of Islamabad, its highest point is Peer Sohawa and the government is thinking to construct a chair lift in that hiking area. Monkeys are seen throughout this track and are a great source of entertainment for kids and other visitors. A beautiful view of Shah Faisal Mosque And Rawal Lake is also there from the top of that track

This destination gives you the whole view of Islamabad from a single spot. It is also the most famous viewpoint of sunset in Islamabad.

Hiking, playing with the monkeys, cool climate, food points, and peace there make u feel like you are in the most beautiful places in the world.

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